Dealing with having to hire employees… for cheap

Let’s face it.

In a business, especially startups, we sometimes need to be cheap. We don’t like it, we hate it, and it upsets us to feel that we devalue our employees. We don’t wanna be that guy (or that company).

Sure, you can promise them all day and night that this is how all startups begin and that things will get better eventually, but for how long???

Thankfully, there’s something we can do about it:

  • Be Straightforward and Honest from the get-go Unless you’re competing for the lowest salary, you do not offer a ‘competitive salary’. Put on your job description / post the range you are willing to pay.
    At least you’ll know who’s okay with that salary. Oh and free coffee in the mornings is not a perk.
  • Hire Enthusiastic Non-qualified Candidates Your employees will appreciate it when you hire them without previous experience. If they are enthusiastic about the job and willing to learn, then what more can you ask for? Oh yeah, experience. But helping them with experience makes up for your crappy pay!
  • Expect the Worst: Employees Leaving Know, oh wise one! that every employee works for money and when they’ve gotten enough experience, well… you won’t see them anymore. That’s okay, because you know they deserve better. What do you do? you don’t fully rely on one person or people. This means you do what you can to ensure that the next employee can easily pickup the tasks left behind.

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